steel, aluminum, monoprint, glass

46x146x2in / 116x365x5cm


Pixelated Landscapes presents two congruent landscapes in a mixed media installation. From a distance the work appears to be a blur of color and texture. As one moves move closer to the work landscapes form, trees come into focus and the movement of the layered skyline dances on the horizon.

As a whole the work evokes a feeling of vastness, but examined close up, each “pixel” is an artistic composition in its own right. The pixels are fragments of memory and each memory hangs delicately from threads interconnected to overhanging branches. The branches represent a conglomerate of our memories which combine to recreate our own internal landscapes.

This piece employs a range of artistic techniques and materials. Each landscape is a one of a kind. The rich and textured colors were developed from multiple, individual layers of printers ink worked through an etching press. Trees were then drawn over the resulting monoprint. The landscapes were dissected into 264 “pixels” and framed in vintage, medium format slide binders. These slides were suspended from cast bronze hooks welded to branches of forged steel.

My work reveals a personal journey by contemplating the interior landscape of the psyche and how this resonates with my experience of the exterior world. This piece is a continued exploration of the interconnections of all things from the subatomic to the galactic, expressed primarily through natural elements.